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A carefully blended mix of ingredients to keep a healthy and comfortable gut/digestive system can lead to good coat condition, top line and overall health.

Ingredients differ for products outside the U.K. and Europe, please see your suppliers website.

Peppermint, herbs and a base containing natural source of calcium, marshmallow root and purified H20.

Crude Protein: 10% Crude Oil: 1% Crude Fibre: 14% Crude Ash: 32% Calcium: 12% Phosphorus: Sodium: 0 Magnesium 0.5%

Suitably gentle for foals and older horses.

Sugar free and suitable for horses that have laminitis.

Syringe 50ml into the mouth for best results before morning feed and/or exercise (if syringing into the mouth is not possible, the product can be added directly to a small handful of feed, preferably alfalfa/molasses-free chaff). ULC Maintenance is suitable for long term use.

For sensitive horses start at 20ml and gradually build up.

2 litres of ULC Maintenance and should last approximately 40 days if used once daily.

Do not use ULC Maintenance for 24 hours before and 72 hours after worming.

Approved by the IEC, NOPs tested, does not contain banned substances, FEI & Jockey Club Rules compliant, competition safe, veterinary endorsed.

Shake well before use.